Toadstool Hoodoos-Page-Monument Valley 2days (1 night)

This tour is available all year round.

Departure: 6am.Las Vegas arrival: on the next day around 10:00pm.

On the way to Arizona we make a short excursion to the spectacular Toadstool Hoodoos.
 Visiting Page city AZ.The first view is the Lower Antelope Canyon.
After that we looking down in the breathtaking Horseshoe Bend and early night we are arriveing to our motel next to the Monuments.
Next morning: taking a look around the great movie venue of the Western Films: Monument Valley.

FREE GIFT: a photo slideshow of the trip .4K. quality.
$650/person (in case of 2persons) or $500/person(in case of 4person)

Additional fee for single passenger $300