About us

The Las Vegas experience awaits You !

We started our family business in 2012 in order to show the visitors of Las Vegas the hidden treasures of america.

The world famous nights of Las Vegas of course need to be seen at least once but there is far more to it! For Those visitors who enjoy The pureness of nature in the wild but incredibly beautiful desert, there are miraculous canyons, platos, colorful dunes, arches, hoodoos, hundreds unbelievable sandstone figures just a days' walk away, and by night you can be sitting in your comfortable hotel room talking about the unforgettable experiences of the adventure.

Our main goal is the introduction of State Parks and hidden trails. As we know the above mentioned places, everyone can choose the trip most suitable for their physical abilities. Before the hike we always double check by e-mail, Skype or phone.

Important! On the trips a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 8 people may participate to ensure total flexibility.

We guide our costumers through each possible trail so we minimize the possibility of getting lost or hurt.

We take professional photos of you and your favorite "cliff" or canyon in the best possible setting.

The album of the trip will be uploaded to a cloud in a couple days in UHD quality.

During the tours you are going to be able to see the same beautiful sights that can be found in the photo albums of the tour description.

About the guide: Novo is a CPR certified experienced hiker, active track and field coach with a Master's Degree in physical education so he can professionally customize and adjust the hikes/walks to your fitness level. Beginners as well as avid outdoor enthusiasts are welcome on all of our tours. He can provide you with a safe and exciting experience so you can enjoy the spectacular views and wildlife.

We provide you food and drinks during the trips. The meal/snack selection is flexible and different for each destination.Check out our Tripadvisor reviews!

We choose the appropriate car for the tours: