Hoover Dam

This tour is available all year round.

  Departure: 9:00 am.  Las Vegas arrival 12:00 pm.

Hoover Dam,once known as Boulder Dam,is a concrete arch-gravity dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River,on the border between the U.S.states of Arizona and Nevada.
It was constructed between 1931 and 1936 during the Great Depression and was dedicated
on Sept.30,1935 by President Franklin D.Roosevelt.
A total of 3,250,000 cubic yards (2,480,000 m3) of concrete was used in the dam before concrete pouring ceased on May 29,1935.In addition 1,110,000 cubic yards (850,000 m3)
were used in the power plant and other works.

The price includes the park entry fees, cold soft drinks.

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$90/person (in case of 2 persons) or $80/person (in case of 4 persons)

 Additional fee for single passenger $30